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On February 27th, 2010, Chile, a long and thin coastal country, was hit by one of the 10 strongest earthquakes ever recorded. “The Chilean Ministry of Finance estimates the total immediate losses were close to 17% of GDP.” Chile has over 40% of the seismic activity in the world and only 0.5% of the area in the world  so there is a high potential threat from earthquakes and consequent tsunamis.

TWB is establishing a presence in Chile to assist with earthquake awareness, education, and preparedness in schools and communities. The first efforts will focus on earthquake education and teacher professional development activities in Santiago. This initiative employs a strategy similar to that used successfully in China in response to the Sichuan 2008 earthquake.

This approach consists of building a global network of teachers to support local teacher professional development efforts, and in engaging local teachers and school administrators in the process of educating students so that they can better understand earthquakes.